Harrods Village Porto Cervo

The Harrods Village is the ideal location for a luxury brand like Bugatti to reach its clientele and potential customers even during the summer holiday season, alongside other international high-end fashion and jewelry brands Wiebke Bauer - Head of marketing and licensing, Bugatti Brand Lifestyle

Luxury aesthetics and a keen eye for detail. But only for a limited period of time.

Bugatti has chosen to catch the flows of its own customers by opening a pop-up store right in the heart of the exclusive Porto Cervo at Harrods Prestige Village.

For those few among you who may not know where it is, it is located at one of the top-of-the-range shopping sites in the world. Harrods Prestige Village in Porto Cervo is an outdoor shopping area featuring exclusive boutiques such as Bugatti. Harrods Prestige Village, situated next to the yachts moored in the marina, is laid out like a miniature town with recreational spaces along its wooden walkways and 22 glass retail booths highlighting craftsmanship and luxury.

The reason for opening this pop-up store lies in the opportunity for the French luxury car manufacturer to be able to interact with its potential customers in an environment which differs from the usual spots on the global luxury map.

“We go where our customers are,” says Wiebke Bauer, Head of Marketing and Licensing, Bugatti Brand Lifestyle “ with the newly designed pop-up store Bugatti continues the successful partnership with Harrods Village Porto Cervo, now in its third consecutive year.”

Featuring an aptly bright ambience meant to accent the details and the constructive quality of the products, the Ettore Bugatti pop-up store is a prime meeting place where the Bugatti brand can connect with both its domestic and international clientele, who will thus be able to discover and enjoy the utmost sophistication in luxury combined with state-of-the-art technology, which have always been two mainstays of Bugatti’s philosophy. The pop-up store, which will remain open until August 31, will allow customers to admire first-hand the new menswear, women’s wear and accessory collections. In particular, Bugatti customers may be lured to the quality and details of the exclusive line of timepieces designed in collaboration with Parmigiani Fleurier, a partnership that is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Finally, two Bugatti models extraordinaire have been brought in to top off this perfect setting: two Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse that provide a precious backdrop to the pop-up store. The Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse is the world’s fastest roadster currently in production. In addition, one of the two models being displayed is part of an 8-unit limited edition specially made to celebrate the world speed record of 254.04 mph set in 2013.

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Harrods Village Porto Cervo
Harrods Village Porto Cervo
Harrods Village Porto Cervo
Harrods Village Porto Cervo
Harrods Village Porto Cervo
Harrods Village Porto Cervo
Harrods Village Porto Cervo
Harrods Village Porto Cervo


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