Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo

TOKYO 107-0062 JAPAN

Bugatti Tokyo takes up three storeys covering an area of 300 sqm in total. In a 40 sqm
private lounge located in the elegant basement Bugatti customers have the opportunity to
configurate their new car. The vehicle showroom is situated on the ground floor. Like the
customer lounge it has the elegant new showroom design of the brand, dominated by
Bugatti’s characteristic blue colour. It is here, near to the demonstration vehicle, where the
Bugatti Performance Collection is presented.
The ground floor has white marble flooring and walls covered with glass and light grey
Via a stairway with a carpet in Bugatti-blue, visitors reach the first floor of Bugatti Tokyo and
enter the world of the EB Ettore Bugatti Collection. Elegance, craftsmanship and exquisite
design are the features of this line, which can be recognized by the EB monogram. The
garments in this line have a distinctively elegant cut and are all individual creations crafted
using high-grade materials and sophisticated details.

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Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Tokyo
Opening hours TUESDAY – SATURDAY
11:00 A.M. — 07.00 P.M.

In contrast to the sporting and elegant design of the ground floor, the first storey features
dark parquetry flooring and brown lounge furnishing designed by Bugatti Brand Lifestyle,
exuding warmth and elegance and setting the perfect scene for the collection.
In all areas, aluminium, glass and carbon fibre are used – materials which you also find in a
Bugatti super sports car. In the interior design, typical elements of the Bugatti design DNA
have been taken up and reinterpreted.
“The use of the most exclusive materials available and application of the highest possible
standards of craftsmanship was key in the development of our boutique design,” explains
Massimiliano Ferrari, who manages the Brand Lifestyle division at Bugatti.
“For the first time the unique technical positioning of a Bugatti super sports car as well as the
luxurious lifestyle of the Bugatti brand are expressed authentically in one joint presentation,”
Ferrari adds. “Like Bugatti, Tokyo represents a great tradition at the same time as absolute
modernity. We would like to thank our partner for the extremely successful implementation of
our showroom boutique concept.”


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