Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection

Bugatti has presented its upcoming Ettore Bugatti Spring / Summer 2017 collection which has been driven and inspired by the history of the brand and its founder. A glance through Bugatti’s archives reveals glimpses of the past that have been reinterpreted to create contemporary models with the same flamboyant, luxury appeal.

The spring/summer 2017 collection, the brainchild of Bugatti’s Creative Director Daniele Andretta, presents a special capsule collection inspired by the world of sailing, a world that was particularly dear to founder Ettore Bugatti, where style and performance come together in unique garments. "This season we decided to bring other worlds linked to the vision of our founder Ettore Bugatti, including sailing, to our clothing and accessories collections. In fact, in Bugatti's Molsheim archives we discovered a few seafaring sketches, as well as various documents discussing our founder's passion for travel," says Andretta.

The capsule collection has been developed along several avenues: one is dedicated to people who live for boating, to modern-day seafarers, with double-layered outerwear such as parkas, sailing jackets and gilets that combine technical features with luxury alligator-skin details. The second pathway includes options for more glamorous and exclusive times: tuxedo jackets made from exquisite Italian fabrics and knitted tuxedos produced with a special technical fibre that makes the garment light, soft, stain-proof and easy care, as it requires no ironing – ideal for men who are always on the move.

This collection would not be complete without swimwear and the classic double-breasted, eight-button jacket made from blue and off-white wool and silk, inspired by a naval jacket uncovered in the Bugatti archives.

Another important new addition is the series of iconic T-shirts made from cotton jersey and featuring prints of Bugatti posters and documents dating back to the 1920s. For SS17, this collection will include four T-shirts in four different stonewashed colours (white, blue, Bugatti blue and black), which will continue to be available in subsequent seasons. Each T-shirt will be sold in an exclusive, one-off pack that will also contain brochures discussing the project.

The outerwear range, designed to suit a variety of styles and needs, has once again moved forwards, from the wool-and-silk crepe field jacket with its gentle lines, to the ultra-light, stretchy bomber available in plunge suede or damask – which draws its inspiration from the interior of the Bugatti Type 41 Royale – with plunge leather sleeves, collar and cuffs. As for the driver's jacket, it is available in a suede version paired with plunge nappa leather and perforated with oval details that depict the shape of the Bugatti, along with a soft, supercomfortable and hand-polished alligator-skin version.

Rounding off the clothing collection are elegant jackets in pinstripe fabric or with patterns that evoke the carbon fibre used in Bugatti's cars; jackets that blend leather, plunge leather and woven fabric with a three-dimensional effect; and tracksuit bottoms made from extremely light wool.

The entire range has been painted with a colour palette that reflects Bugatti's quintessential blue and white, as well as colours with a more ethnic flavour such as tobacco and beige. "In our archives we also discovered Ettore Bugatti's passion for Cuban cigars. This is what inspired us to reinterpret several garments with more ethnic colours," notes Daniele Andretta. The accessories department, too, has been enriched with some major new features such as a line of bags composed of shoppers, backpacks and duffel bags, all decorated with the EB monogram, and an exclusive new collection of jewellery comprising diamond and sapphire cufflinks, bracelets and silver key rings. All pieces are certified and come with a warranty. Finally, for the first time, the brand is presenting memorabilia made with the logo of the new Bugatti Chiron and a carbon structure just like the one used in the car itself. Only 450 of this exclusive item will be available, reflecting the 450 Chiron cars.

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Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection
Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection
Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection
Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection
Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection
Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection
Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection
Bugatti presents the new Ettore Bugatti SS2017 Collection


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