Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo

Address Hotel Fairmont Monte-Carlo
12 Avenue des Spélugues
98000 Monaco
+ 377 97 97 17 10

Following Bugatti Tokyo and Munich,Monte Carlo is the third location with a car showroom and lifestyle boutique under one roof. The Lifestyle boutique and the vehicle showroom is taking up residence on the ground floor of the Fairmont Hotel.

Bugatti’s sales partner on Côte d‘Azur is the Monaco Luxury Group, which has been an official Bugatti dealer since October 2013. Bugatti currently has 32 dealers in 17 countries.
“Monaco is inseparably linked with the brand history of Bugatti. Louis Chiron, who gave his
name to our new super sports car, was born here and became a legend when he won the
Monaco Grand Prix in 1931,” said Dr. Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Management
of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. responsible for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Brand
Lifestyle, during the official inauguration. “Monaco is the focus of the international jet set, the
harbour for the most luxurious yachts and the perfect location for the world’s fastest, most
exclusive car,” Brungs continued. “I am very pleased that we have now found an appropriate
venue for our new showroom in the best location. May the Monaco Luxury Group continue
here in Monte Carlo the sensational success achieved by Bugatti at the world premiere of the
Chiron at the Geneva International Motor Show.”
“The inauguration of the new showroom and the lifestyle boutique bears impressive witness
to our extremely successful cooperation over the past few years,” said Frédéric Duboc,
Managing Director of Bugatti Monte Carlo. “This milestone will spur us on; with considerable
commitment, we will continue to enable our customers to experience the exclusive world of
the Bugatti brand.”

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Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo
Lifestyle Boutique and Showroom Montecarlo
“Monaco is the ideal venue for presenting the Ettore Bugatti Collection. French and Italian lifestyles meet in the Bugatti brand,”

“I would like to thank the Monaco Luxury Group for their extremely successful presentation of our brand’s extraordinary lifestyle.”
Massimiliano Ferrari
Managing Director Brand Lifestyle

Bugatti’s Monte Carlo showroom and lifestyle boutique located on the ground floor of the Fairmont Hotel at the heart of Monaco. The entry section has a show area that sets the scene for the star of any Bugatti showroom – the Bugatti Chiron. Blue, Bugatti’s brand colour, predominates in the modern presentation which is characterized by pronounced lines and clear surfaces, like Bugatti super sports cars. A horizontal communication strip running along the wall is used to display product information and images as well as highlights from the history of the brand. The new showroom concept gives visitors an opportunity to experience the Bugatti brand values of Art, Forme, Technique and the flair of the company’s headquarters at Molsheim in Alsace. For example, there is a heritage section devoted to Bugatti’s brand values. Each of the values is illustrated by one wall-mounted pillar, each featuring a screen with films and animations focusing on the particular value. Customers can also configure their new Bugatti here. Everything can be controlled intuitively using an iPad or tablet after customers have taken their seats in the luxurious lounge. The lounge is equipped with furniture from the recently launched Bugatti Home collection, which is showcased also in the brand’s new showrooms. The organically shaped armchairs are made from the finest leather and blue carbon fibre, high-grade materials requiring complex craftsmanship of the type which are also used in Bugatti super sports cars. The sides boast the EB logo.

The world of the Ettore Bugatti Collection presents itself with elegance, the finest craftsmanship and exquisite design. The items in the collection, with a distinctive cut and refined details, are all individual creations crafted in Italy using the most exclusive materials available. In the boutique, you can also find precious items from Bugatti’s watch partner Parmigiani Fleurier as well as valuable writing utensils from Montegrappa and fine examples of glass art from Lalique. After Milan, London, Tokyo and Munich, Monaco is the fifth location in the world with a Bugatti brand lifestyle boutique.


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