World's first Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique opens in London

The British capital is bathed in blue light as the new exclusive boutique dedicated to the Bugatti lifestyle collections opens on Brompton Road, in the elegant Knightsbridge district.

Following the presentation of its apparel collection in Milan, the London boutique appears to be perfectly in keeping with the “Art, Forme, Technique” motto, which Bugatti imbues in its every production through an image of refined design and understated yet superior luxury based on its tradition of unsurpassed modernity. A host of scenarios conveyed through Bugatti’s very own style and materials thus ensue. To begin with the eye-catching ten-foot horseshoe-shaped aluminium arch modelled after its iconic radiator grille which welcomes visitors to the boutique. The same iconic symbol reappears in the windows, where the famed Bugatti bag takes pride of place.

The store interior is divided into two areas: the EB – Ettore Bugatti Collection is displayed in the luxury/lifestyle section fitted with dark wooden floors and brown leather wall panelling, while the Bugatti – Performance Luxury Collection is presented in the sports/performance area, where the polished marble flooring sets off the light grey leather wall panelling quite elegantly. Aluminium, wood and glass are all the materials drawing inspiration from the Bugatti Veyron model and which appear – once again – inside the British store. The automotive design thus meets the design of the store interior, where the shelving units seem to be inspired by the fin of the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic.

A store concept which revisits the iconic brand’s soul and DNA and every shape it ever created with a modern twist and, of course, with elegant shades of its signature blue.

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World's first Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique opens in London
World's first Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique opens in London
World's first Bugatti Lifestyle Boutique opens in London


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