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Power, speed, luxury: the new Bugatti Chiron takes the brand’s alchemy of Art, Forme, Technique to a whole new level. Inspired by the pursuit of excellence that expands beyond automotive design, Bugatti complements the new car’s stylish concept with an exclusive clothing range.

The Chiron capsule collection - 12 limited edition pieces – was unveiled alongside the new 1,500 hp-high-performance car during the 86th Geneva International Motor Show. The collection combines comfort and style, and echoes the Chiron’s lines and details through an array of unique materials.

Every product of this limited edition collection is numbered, with only 431 of each being produced to reflect the land speed record (kilometres per hour) that Bugatti alone was able to achieve.

Designed for enjoying your leisure time, whether or not at the wheel of a Bugatti, the crowning glory of this collection is the sturdy calf leather driving jacket featuring exclusive details such as the stitching on the back that depicts the seats of the Bugatti Chiron.

The jacket features the iconic blue duotone, the brand’s colour scheme of choice, and is Bugatti through and through from the use of clever artisanal techniques – such as hand polishing pattern on the back – to the choice of truly exquisite fabrics. Other elements of this line are sporty pieces like the duotone quilted down jacket and vest, the hybrid jacket and the carbon fiber sweater with functional details.

The four coloured T-shirts, designed to give a look that combines comfort and style, flaunt their links to the motoring world through the Bugatti Chiron print on the chest. The leather driving gloves, eyewear and cap round off the Bugatti gentleman’s look, suggesting a lover of fine things who admires how the company strives for perfection in the tiniest of details, whether on cars or clothes.

Each piece of the Chiron Capsule Collection is Made in Italy, in line with Bugatti’s uncompromising quality standards, while the color palette includes several hues of blue: from the dark and intense Atlantic shade to the brighter French Racing tone. After all, wearing Chiron means living La Vie En Blue.

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Look book Chiron Collection
Look book Chiron Collection
Look book Chiron Collection


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