Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue

The important collaboration between Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue is driven by a common devotion to style above all else. Two protagonists of a story dedicated to the ability to speak of excellence linked to the male world, but above all to the skill of defining themselves through a signature style which represents a model across the globe.

Communicating style to a mostly male audience is not simple. Only a true expression of superior quality and, especially, of absolute uniqueness can successfully establish itself as an aspirational model. Thus Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue find perfect fusion in a special issue with a high impact cover, which immediately brings to mind the flamboyant-refined style typical of the automobile brand, followed by an elegant editorial by Lorenzo Bringheli. Emanating from the pages, the Bugatti life is perfectly set and enriched by the creations of the new collections. The common thread? Obviously the colour blue.

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Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue
Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue
Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue
Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue
Bugatti and L'Uomo Vogue


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Editorial Team
Editorial Director: Roberto Rossi Gandolfi
Editor: Marco Cresci
Contributors: Alex Vaccani
Enrico Longo
Thomas Malvica
Kate Mitchell
Doris Urban
Frank Bushell
Kerstin Scott Moore

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