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24/26 Brompton Road, in London's exclusive Knightsbridge, directly opposite Harrods, marks Bugatti's chosen location for its first Global concept store dedicated to the brand's new fashion lines.

With the slogan 'The Blue of London', on November 12, 2014 , Bugatti unveiled this luxurious location where clothes, design and technology merge to reveal the universe of the brand, famous for its powerful and luxurious cars, to the world.

In this lifestyle boutique the color blue is present in all its nuances, playing a leading role which has always characterized Bugatti.

It was natural for Bugatti to choose London as a debut in this new adventure. The British capital is one of the main markets for the Veyron, besides being one of the most important centers in the world for fashion, art and design. The perfect place to introduce the Bugatti brand in the luxury lifestyle sector.

The boutique's interior is divided into two: the EB - Ettore Bugatti Collection is housed in the luxury/lifestyle area, exuding a warm, natural elegance, with its dark wood floors and brown leather walls. On the contrary, white marble floors and walls in light gray leather of the sport/performance zone showcasing the Bugatti – Performance Luxury Collection reflect a clean and rigorous stylistic essentiality.

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Lifestyle Boutique London
Lifestyle Boutique London
Lifestyle Boutique London
Lifestyle Boutique London
Lifestyle Boutique London
Lifestyle Boutique London
Lifestyle Boutique London
Lifestyle Boutique London
Opening hours MONDAY – SATURDAY
10:00 A.M. — 06.00 P.M.
SUNDAY 12:00 A.M. — 05:00 P.M.

References to Bugatti automobile designs reverberate in the brand's entire product range, elegantly highlighting their uniqueness and strong identity. Even the store interior features several typical materials of the Veyron: aluminum, wood, glass and carbon. The result embodies the extraordinary technical performance of Bugatti and the brand's exclusive luxury, perfectly in line with the slogan 'Art, Form, Technique'. Besides the materials, there are also strong references to the forms. The Bugatti logo at the top of the almost 3 metre arc at the entrance is a clear reference to the characteristic horseshoe radiator grille. The same theme is also reflected in the shop windows, where the protagonist Bugatti Signature bag is also inspired by the shape of the famous grille.

Several typical elements of the Bugatti DNA are reflected in the interior fittings. Such as in the back walls of the large built-in shelves decorated with a 'center seam' created with rivets, inspired by the fin of the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic. Whereas the shelving structure in aluminum and carbon, refer to the mechanism of the Veyron wing.   Dominating the center of the showroom, the large counter in carbon makes an immediate impact with its curved lines also reminiscent of the automobiles.

The grand opening in London represents only the first rev of the brand's expansion strategy. Over the next five years a further thirty Bugatti boutiques are expected to be inaugurated in major financial capitals around the world. Already in 2015, stores in Tokyo, Dubai and Doha are scheduled to open, to later be followed by Paris, Milan and the United States.

The first Bugatti Concept Stores will allow visitors to dive headlong into the rich tradition of the family who created the world's fastest cars, now poised to become a legend with its sartorial lines, as unique as the cars which inspired them.

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