EB Ettore Bugatti - FW16-17

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EB Ettore Bugatti F/W 2016-17

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With this new Ettore Bugatti Fall/Winter 2016-17 Collection Bugatti’s brand values “Art, Forme, Technique” have been translated into a new luxurious fashion statement: a mark of undisputed, contemporary elegance for bold, style savvy wearers.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s automobile heritage and latest creation, the Bugatti Chiron – the new ultimate super sports car, this new seasonal collection reflects the brand’s elegance, outstanding quality and detailed style adding new materials and shapes.

With outerwear becoming a key item this autumn and winter season is marked by outstanding pieces such as merino shearling coats and driving jackets complemented by soft double face cashmere overcoats and tuxedo jackets with metallic grille pattern or made of elegant velvet for festive occasions.

All added by a selection of stylish and versatile accessories - handmade in Italy - which complements the main line being ideal travel companions always ready to follow their dynamic owner on his next adventure.

Overall, a feel of luxurious sportiness and technical details flows through the whole collection, defining a new contemporary elegance that fittingly represents the brand’s new era while integrating the unique traditional brand codes and symbols: the iconic Bugatti blue and the precious “Dancing Elephant”.

This is the Ettore Bugatti Collection.

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Look book Bugatti
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