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The Bugatti Artisan

We don’t need fashion to protect us, we are more than fashion Daniele Andretta, Art Director of the Brand Lifestyle (BG-VG)

One of the most iconic automotive brands since the start of the century, Bugatti has developed state-of-the-art engineering and a thoroughly unique style to create some of the most important pieces in the history of the automotive industry. The same innovation can be seen in the Lifestyle collections, newly introduced in 2014. Combining Bugatti’s rich heritage with a contemporary twist, the new designs locate it at the forefront of luxury and innovation, pitched perfectly for now.

A look at the pieces in the new Lifestyle collection immediately evokes striking parallels to the company’s iconic history and exclusive automobiles, nodding to cars such as the Atlantic, the Atalante and the Brescia. The visually striking shapes and hues of each piece reflect everything from the piecing together of the cars, to the brilliant blue that Bugatti is known for. Made exclusively from the finest fabrics and exotic leathers, pieces are designed meticulously. Every item finds its inspiration in the extensive history of the luxury brand; be it a car, or the life and legacy of founder Ettore Bugatti himself. “The only thing that we need is to look inside and translate our own code within the market, this is my mission and our mission.” says Daniele Andretta, Art Director of the Brand Lifestyle (BG-VG).

“My job is to translate all the iconic codes that come from our cars into our products,” he explains. “Every piece that we have in our collections are limited editions, with under thirty five pieces in each model”. Inside each unique item, a plate with the number of the model can be found. “For us, less is more,” insists Andretta. Items are further embellished with an identifiable sterling silver Bugatti plaque, located either on the outside of accessories, or discreetly tucked away under the collar in jackets and suits. Subtlety is at the key of the brand’s exclusivity and appeal. “We are outside of fashion. It’s things like this that make us iconic. We don’t need fashion to protect us, we are more than fashion.”

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The Bugatti Artisan
The Bugatti Artisan
The Bugatti Artisan
The Bugatti Artisan
The Bugatti Artisan
The Bugatti Artisan
The Bugatti Artisan
The Bugatti Artisan

“We don’t have a basic production line like other brands,” says Andretta of the Bugatti brand, synonymous for going the extra mile in ensuring excellence. Instead, all fabrics and materials are made exclusively for the collection, right down to the interior linings, accessories and trimmings, with only the finest of materials selected. The Lifestyle Collection now provides head-to-toe wear, from jackets to trousers, leather goods and shoes, designed with the utmost of care. Two main collections are produced yearly, with the addition of regular mini capsules of up to sixteen pieces. These are developed with their artisans in Italy and sent over every forty days, ensuring the shop is kept fresh and dynamic.

The process of producing a shoe is extensive, careful and detailed, and is completed from start to finish within a month, after which the shoes are ready for purchase. Andretta emphasises Bugatti’s regard for quality and comfort, noting that each shoe is tried and tested for up to ten days. “Its important that if somebody buys something, quality control have tried it before. I don't like to have any surprises,” he says, assuring that the quality, fitting and comfort of the Bugatti shoes are reliable to the last detail. The Lifestyle bespoke collections provide a unique manifestation of contemporary luxury, performance and iconic style, and in true Bugatti fashion are set to become amongst the most iconic and opulent pieces in the worlds of luxury and design.


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