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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applied whenever users access the Website to browse on it or use its services.

1. Information Notice pursuant to Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003

I Processing Controller
The processing controllers of data collected via this Website are Diana s.r.l. based in via San Daniele, 137/139 - 35038 Torreglia (PD) Italy (hereafter known as “Diana”) and Autovision Lifestyle S.R.L. in Liquidazione (hereafter known as “Autovision”) based in Viale Gerard Richard Gumpert, 1 - 37137 Verona (VR); the controllers decide in agreement upon the processing purposes; Diana establishes, even autonomously, the processing methods and security procedures to be applied in order to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.

II Optional or Mandatory Nature of Data Provision
The provision by users to Diana of personal data requested via the Website on the various occasions of collection may be mandatory, to pursue the purposes identified in the information notice, or optional. The mandatory or optional nature of the provision is specified each time - with reference to the individual information requested - upon each individual data collection. Any refusal to communicate data marked as mandatory makes it impossible to pursue the main purpose of the specific collection.
The provision to Diana of additional data, not marked as mandatory, is, on the other hand, optional and does not involve any consequence.

III Data Processing Managers and Officers
a) In order to pursue the Website's purposes, Diana uses its right to appoint processing managers chosen by it; in order to obtain the full list of managers who process the data, users should contact Customer Services.
b) For the same purpose, Diana also authorises the following categories of officers to process the data: administration, computer systems and marketing (where consent is given), information and management systems of the Website and those in charge of providing services reserved to registered users.

IV User Rights
In accordance with Art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, users are entitled to obtain from Diana confirmation of the processing or otherwise of personal data relating to them, even if not yet registered, and its communication in intelligible form. They are also entitled to obtain from Diana information regarding the origin of their personal data, the purposes and methods of its processing, the logic applied in the case of processing performed using electronic tools; the identification details of the processing controllers and managers; an indication of the entities or categories of entities to which the personal data may be communicated or which may come to know of it in the capacity, for example, of processing managers.
Users are also entitled to obtain from the controller:

  • The update, rectification or supplementation of their personal data;
  • The deletion, transformation into anonymous form or block on personal data processed in breach of the law, including data whose storage is not necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed;
  • Certification that the operations set out in letters a) and b) have been brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data has been communicated or disseminated, except where that fulfilment is found to be impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

Users are, finally, entitled to object in whole or in part:

  • For legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data relating to them, even if relevant to the purposes of its collection;
  • To the processing of personal data relating to them for the purposes of sending advertising material or direct marketing or for the completion of market research or sales communications.

In order to exercise the aforementioned rights, users may send an appropriate written request to Diana by recorded delivery letter, which will be promptly dealt with.

2. Guidelines

The principles on which the Website's privacy policy is based are as follows:

  1. To process data solely for the purposes and in accordance with the methods illustrated in the information notice presented upon its collection;
  2. To use data for purposes additional to those for which that data was specifically provided only with the express consent of the user;
  3. To make the data available to third party companies only for purposes instrumental to providing the requested service or within the scope of an appointment as processing manager; not to communicate the data, transfer it or assign it to third parties for their own processing unless the user has been informed in advance and has granted consent;
  4. To respond to requests for deletion, amendment or supplementation of the data provided and any opposition to data processing for the purposes of sending sales and advertising information;
  5. To ensure the correct and lawful management of data, safeguarding the privacy of users, as well as applying appropriate security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data provided.

3. Purposes of Processing

The data is processed in order to provide the services available by accessing the Website, as listed below:

  • Registration to the Website to use the respective services;
  • Use of specific and additional services, such as, the creation of a Wish List;
  • Processing of orders and related activities;
  • Management of user requests: technical, commercial, stage of progress of orders and information requests in a broad sense;
  • Contact with customer services;
  • For marketing purposes (receiving newsletters, promotions).

The specific purposes for which the data is processed are, in addition, summarised each time in the information notice pursuant to Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, which is presented to users when they provide personal data.
In some cases, as expressly indicated in the information notice, the data may be subject - where express consent is provided - to processing aimed at creating profiles based upon preferences or purchases of users, in order to send information targeted to the requirements and interests of the latter.
This is without prejudice to the provisions of Art. 130, Paragraph 4 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, which allows the controller to use the data for sending advertising e-mails on its products and services, similar to those purchased, unless that use is refused.

Users' data will be communicated to third parties only if express consent is provided, except where the communication is mandatory by law or necessary for legal purposes for the pursuit of which the interested party's consent is not required; in those cases, the data may be provided to third parties who will process it autonomously and solely for the aforementioned purposes (for example, for requests made by the police force or the judiciary or other bodies with jurisdiction, or to fulfil obligations deriving from the contract.

Any processing purpose other the specific purpose for which the personal data was provided will be highlighted in the information notice and will be pursued by Diana only subject to acquiring the user's express consent.

4. Cases of Exclusion of Consent

In accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, Diana may process the personal data of users without requesting their consent when this is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation or to fulfil the obligations contractually accepted by it.

5. Personal Data of Third Parties

Where Diana processes personal data of third parties communicated directly by its users will send to the third party the information notice required by Art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 upon registering their data in its archive, but it is the user's responsibility to obtain the consent of the person whose data is provided prior to communicating it. Users remain solely and singularly liable for the communication of information and data relating to third parties without the latter having expressed their consent or for any incorrect use or use contrary to law.

Consent is not necessary only where that data is communicated to Diana in order to finalise the contract in favour of the third party.

6. Cookies

Our Website uses automatic systems for collecting data not provided directly by the user, such as cookies. A cookie is a device sent to the hard disk of users; it does not contain comprehensible information but it allows for users to be associated with personal information provided by them on the Website. The cookies are located on our server and nobody may access the information contained on them.
The Website processes information collected via cookies only in anonymous and aggregate form to optimise its services and its Website in relation to the specific requirements and preferences of its users.
Your browser allows you to delete cookies after each session. Your browser contains instructions on how to operate those deletion processes. Please consult it.
It is necessary for you to accept automatic data collection procedures and the use of cookies in order to use the Website and its services. Where you have activated the deletion process for cookies, the Website may not be able to provide you with the complete display of some web pages or the supply of some services.

7. Security Measures

Diana adopts adequate security measures in order to reduce to a minimum the risks of destruction or loss - even accidental - of data, unauthorised access or processing that is not permitted or not compliant with the purposes of collection as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

However, Diana cannot guarantee to its users that the measures adopted for the security of the Website and the transmission of data and information on the Website will limit or exclude any risk of unauthorised access or dispersion of data by devices pertinent to the user.
The user's computer must always be equipped with adequate software for the protection of data sent to the network, both incoming and outgoing, and the user's internet service provider must have adopted adequate security measures for the transmission of data to the network.

8. Links to Other Websites

The Website contains linked to other websites that have no connection with Diana and/or with; the controllers do not check or perform monitoring operations on those websites and their contents. The controllers cannot be held liable for the contents of those websites and the rules adopted by them, even with regard to privacy and the processing of personal data of users during browsing.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to the websites of third parties. Our Website provides links to those websites only to assist users in searching and browsing and to facilitate the hypertext link on the Internet to other websites. The activation of the links does not involve any recommendation or identification for accessing and browsing on those websites, or any guarantee regarding their contents, services or goods supplied and sold by them to Internet users.

9. Contacts

For further information on personal data processing, please visit the Data Protection Authority's website at the address
For further information on the processing of data performed by Diana and/or Autovision Lifestyle S.R.L. in Liquidazione please send an e-mail to

10. Applicable Law

This Privacy Policy is regulated by Italian law and in particular by the Code on Personal Data Processing (Italian Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 no. 196) which regulates the processing of personal data - even held abroad - performed by anyone resident or based in Italy.
The Code guarantees that the processing of personal data is performed in compliance with the rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as the dignity, of the interested party, with particular reference to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data.

11. Amendments and Updates to the Privacy Policy

The controllers may amend or simply update, in whole or in part, the Website's Privacy Policy, also in view of any change to the rules of law or regulations on the matter. Any amendments and updates to the Privacy Policy will be notified to users on the Homepage as soon as they are adopted and will be binding upon being published on the Website. We recommend, therefore, that you access this section regularly to check the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy.

Payment Methods

Every purchase is made extremely securely due to the use of the most advanced technological systems in the field of e-commerce and coding systems (SecureSocketLayer) that protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorised accesses.

If payment is made by credit card, Consumers will be transferred to a secure website and the credit card details will be sent directly to Globalcollect, the operator that deals with payments on behalf of the Seller. The data provided will be sent securely, by encrypted transfer of the data using the 128 bit SSL system. That data is not accessible even by the Seller.

Credit Card Payments

All transactions are controlled and managed by Globalcollect. During the check-out process, you may choose the credit card payment option, after which you only need to enter the requested details.
The accepted credit cards are: VISA, MASTERCARD.

If you use the VISA circuit and you have the VBV (verified by Visa) option activated, you will momentarily be redirected to the page on which to enter the verification code.
If you use the MASTERCARD circuit and you have the MASTERCARD SECURE CODE option activated, you will momentarily be redirected to the page on which to enter the verification code.

Payments via POSTEPAY and all top-up cards operating within the VISA ELECTRON circuit are also accepted.

Paypal Payments

Paypal is another completely secure online payment method that allows you to pay for the order by directly accessing your account. The details relating to your account and credit card will be managed directly by Paypal, which will simply provide us with an e-mail communication after the payment has been made.

Payment Currencies

Purchases and shipments are charged in the official currency of the destination country set out below:

Country Local Currency
Austria Euro
Belgium Euro
Bosnia Herzegovina Euro
Croatia Euro
Denmark Euro
Estonia Euro
Finland Euro
France Euro
Germany Euro
Greece Euro
Ireland Euro
Italy Euro
Lithuania Euro
Luxembourg Euro
Moldova Euro
Monaco Euro
Netherlands Euro
Poland Euro
Portugal Euro
United Kingdom Pound
Czech Republic Euro
Romania Euro
Serbia Euro
Slovakia Euro
Slovenia Euro

Important Notice: where the currency of the credit/debit card or other payment method is different from that in which the purchase is made, the final amount will be calculated and charged in the card currency by the respective issuer. The seller is not responsible for those charges and is unable to predict their amount. For further information, please contact your credit institution.

Right of Return

Where Consumers are not satisfied with the purchased Product, they may exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 working days from receipt of the shipment (the working days begin to be calculated based upon the proof of delivery). The products must be returned intact and with the special guarantee seals applied to each garment.

Conditions for correctly exercising the right of return

Consumers may exercise the right of withdrawal only in compliance with these simple conditions in order to obtain a refund of the amount paid for the purchase:

  • The request for return must be received by our Customer Care Department by and not beyond the fourteenth working day from the date of delivery. If the communication is not received within that period, the request will be rejected.
  • The products must be returned in a single shipment and, if possible, inside the original packaging in which they were delivered.
  • The products must be returned intact and they must not have been used or damaged.
  • The products must be returned together with the guarantee seal showing the serial number. Please do not, therefore, remove the guarantee seal when trying on garments: products returned without that seal will not be accepted.

How to return a product

If you are a registered user, simply enter your private area and follow the guided process.

Your return request will be notified to our Customer Care Department, which will decide whether or not to authorise it: the authorisation will be confirmed to you by e-mail. You will be contacted by our Customer Care Department in order to arrange a date and location for collection of the Product

Upon receipt of the return, our Quality Control team will assess the condition of the returned products and will manage your request and issue any refund. If you are a registered user, each activity will be notified to you by e-mail and you can monitor it simultaneously by accessing your private area.

In compliance with all the listed conditions, will refund the full price of the purchased products to you or, if you prefer, it will generate a credit that you can use on the website for your next purchase.

Returns will be sent to the following address:

Diana Corp.
Via San Daniele 137/139
Torreglia (PD) ITALY

If you are not registered, click here to return a product.

Rejection of the return by

Where the aforementioned conditions are not respected or the returned products are found to be damaged or used, reserves the right to reject the return. In this case, you may opt to receive the purchased products again, bearing the costs for their shipment. You will not then be able to refuse the shipment sent.

Returns of orders originating from countries other than those to which they were delivered will not be accepted.

Refund Timescales

The refund of the total price for the products will be made by and not beyond 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the shipment. The refund timescale varies depending on the payment method used by you and more specifically:

  • Credit card: the technical time to obtain the refund depends upon the credit institution that issued your card. The value date of the refund will be the same as the date of the charge.
  • Paypal: the refund will be made directly to your Paypal account and will be visible in a couple of days. Paypal itself will send you a communication certifying the refund.

Please note: If the item to be returned was purchased in a currency other than local currency, any refund will be made in the purchase currency. Due to fluctuations of the exchange rates, the refunded sum may be higher or lower than the price initially paid.

Store credit

In addition to the possibility of requesting a refund, you may also request a voucher for the value of the returned products; you must use it within one year from the purchase.

Shipment, Costs and Delivery Times.

The delivery times start from the date of shipment, on which the courier is appointed by the Seller, rather than the date of sending the order. The delivery times are only indicative and depend upon acceptance and approval of the order. In some countries, deliveries may take longer than expected due to customs clearance procedures in relation to the order. Please obtain information on the customs duties in the destination country.

The delivery times only include working days and exclude public holidays.

The Website should automatically identify the country from which you are connecting; if not, we list below the Countries to which we ship:

Country Cost Delivery Times
Austria Free 2 – 3 working days
Belgium Free 2 – 3 working days
Bosnia Herzegovina Free 2 – 3 working days
Croatia Free 2 – 3 working days
Denmark Free 2 – 3 working days
Estonia Free 2 – 3 working days
Finland Free 2 – 3 working days
France Free 2 – 3 working days
Germany Free 2 – 3 working days
Greece Free 2 – 3 working days
Ireland Free 2 – 3 working days
Italy Free 2 – 3 working days
Lituania Free 2 – 3 working days
Luxembourg Free 2 – 3 working days
Moldova Free 2 – 3 working days
Monaco Free 2 – 3 working days
Netherlands Free 2 – 3 working days
Poland Free 2 – 3 working days
Portugal Free 2 – 3 working days
United Kingdom Free 2 – 3 working days
Czech Republic Free 2 – 3 working days
Romania Free 2 – 3 working days
Serbia Free 2 – 3 working days
Slovakia Free 2 – 3 working days
Slovenia Free 2 – 3 working days
  • The delivery times indicated refer to working days.
  • Orders are scheduled to arrive between the hours of 8am and 6pm Italian local time.

Important Notice: deliveries are not sent to shipping companies or post office boxes.

You can change the country to which you wish your order to be sent by clicking on the shipment link.
The order must be made directly from the Website of the country to which it will be delivered.
Only for Italy, the Website is not authorised to ship to Livigno, Campione d'Italia, S. Marino and the Vatican City.


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