EB Ettore Bugatti

EB Ettore Bugatti

The EB - Ettore Bugatti line is defined by elegance, art and striking design. The collection includes garments and accessories for both men and women characterized by bold style and exceptional tailoring, supported by the use of luxurious fabrics and fine leather. Created exclusively in Italy – as the distinctive Fabriqué en Italien testifies – all pieces are made one by one with the same attention and dedication given to the magnificent automobiles.

Eccentric yet at the same time highly sophisticated, thanks to modern special refinement, the EB collection is designated as the perfect clothes line for the man and the woman whose outfit is their modus vivendi.

EB - Ettore Bugatti conveys a luxurious, unconventional and laid-back style, suitable for all circumstances: exclusive jackets, knitwear and shirts of astounding cuts and proportions, which add a touch of unmistakable aesthetic refinement.

The garments have a wealth of sophisticated details, inspired by historical models such as the Bugatti Atlantic - the most beautiful and expensive car in history – characterized by a longitudinal ridge that bisects the rear window and windshield, a kind of center line perfectly reworked in the shirt collars. While, inside the jackets, the Royal Blue Duotone comes to life, inspired by the decorative pattern, made using two-tone paint, typical of automotives of the 1920s and 30s.

Bugatti preserves this code to this day, reinterpreting it and transforming a classic design element into a construction technology with a three-dimensional separation of car parts, a distinctive feature of the DNA of the Veyron.

The iconic symbol of the brand - the famous Dancing Elephant designed by Rembrandt, Ettore's younger brother - appears in the form of a brooch, to be worn on the jacket collar; the Micro Silver Dancing Elephant is also a must-have for every successful man.

The essential Bugatti Bag has become an instant classic for its sleek horseshoe shape, which incorporates the typical radiator grille of Bugatti automobiles. Available in different sizes and prestigious materials, it is fully consistent with the DNA of the brand's unmistakable flamboyant-refined character.


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