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Performance Luxury Collection

Luxury steps up a gear thanks to the bold Performance Luxury line by Bugatti. Aimed at outdoor life, this clothing line is characterized by a combination of ultra hi-tech fabrics and finishes reminiscent of prestigious Bugatti cars. The entire collection, in a variety of blue and white tones, is defined by the timeless versatility of the Blue Touch.

The edition is limited: all outerwear is produced in 431 copies, a tribute to the speed record achieved in 2010 by the Veyron Super Sport, the fastest production sports car in the world.

The Fil Bleu is the reference to the Bugatti heritage evident in the forms and details: from the predominance of blue, the distinctive colour of the car manufacturer, to the use of duo-tones and cuts and seams which echo the design of the cars and interiors.

Codes of contemporary luxury are combined with extreme performance, to create garments characterized by the use of technical and cutting-edge fabrics. Hydro repellent stretch hides are coupled with steel foil to create an unusual and innovative synergy. The same concept also applies to the shearling jacket treated with side-light tanning, a process exclusive to the maison which renders the fabric opaque or luminous. A perforated design of the car headlight appears on the sleeve of the blouson, and the iconic Bugatti center line is featured on the coat.

The look is dedicated to gentlemen drivers in vintage style, refering to the technical nature of the early twentieth century, typical of the attire of racing car drivers.

The line also includes a series of après ski garments, in a mix of cutting-edge Japanese, Italian and German technical fabrics. Such as embossed solutions with silicone-waterproof and ultrasound sealed perimeters, designed to protect the most exposed body parts during performance. Yet another confirmation of the ability of the maison to achieve excellence in fashion.


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