Ettore 971

Ettore 971

Ettore 971 Bugatti Villas:
Living the Dream

Technical know-how becomes art. Besides, what could be better than owning a Bugatti? A villa that epitomizes design and class, and parked in the lounge, the celebrated supercar, born in France of the Italian genius of Ettore

Imagine if the alchemy of “Art, Forme, Technique” and value of the Bugatti brand, which inspired the legendary Bugatti Veyron, would inform every detail of your home. Translating the aesthetic language of a design masterpiece into its architectural equivalent resulting in the creation of a new, real stunner: “ETTORE 971” is the world’s first Bugatti-styled villa. Their name is both a tribute to Ettore Bugatti and a geographic reference to the United Arab Emirates through its international country code.

Last year, during the Cityscape Global exhibition that takes place each September in Dubai, the luxury real estate developer DAMAC Properties, at the forefront of the Middle East’s luxury real estate market since 2002, presented its latest exclusive project to the world. The Bugatti-inspired villas will be surrounded by luscious green grounds in the 55-million-sq.ft AKOYA Oxygen development overlooking the Tiger Woods-designed Trump World Golf Club in Dubai.

These seven-bedroom luxury villas reflect in every detail the high-end styling and finishing of the luxury sports car that inspired their design: a stylish, contemporary minimalism that exudes elegance and power. The lines of the external walls encasing the houses are gently curved, while inside floor-to-ceiling glasses maximize the feeling of space and light, creating a seamless flow from one room to the other. The heart of each villa is the glass-walled parking space, serving as a private showroom: a treat that will certainly please every Bugatti owner, who will now be able to admire the excellence of the world’s fastest street-legal production car from many areas of the living quarter.

“We know that many of our loyal customers are huge fans of the Bugatti super sports car brand and the opportunity to live in the world’s first villas styled in Bugatti’s design language featuring key codes of the brand’s DNA is a unique opportunity to experience this fantastic brand in a wholly new way”, commented Ziad El Chaar, Managing Director, DAMAC Properties.

Upon request, the enveloping design experience of living in an ETTORE 971 villa can go even further by complementing each room with exclusive pieces from the Home Collection Bugatti.

Ettore 971
Ettore 971
Ettore 971
Ettore 971


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